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About Us

The Land of Sky Media Group is based in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, NC. We got our start back in 2005 as a small video production company that specialized in shooting and editing video as a way to document some of the many incredible outdoor adventure sports that the mountains of North Carolina have to offer. Over the years, we’ve produced a wide-range of videos and short films that cover many of the sports and activities that have put western North Carolina on the map as one of the top outdoor adventure sports communities in the country. Our interests in documenting sports made for some great adventures as we roped up to capture rock climbing, paddled big whitewater to showcase the area’s great kayaking and bombed it down steep trails with helmet cams to take our viewers into the fast-paced world of mountain biking. Since then, we’ve shifted our focus to providing a wide-range of media services including website design and development, mobile phone app development, magazine publishing and we’ve broadened our scope of the videos we now shoot and produce dramatically.

All of our work is custom tailored to each client’s vision and budget to ensure that we provide a unique product for each of our clients. Whether you’re looking for product branding, website redesigns, mobile app development, video production services or public relations work, our team has the skills to make your project a success. For more information on our pricing and various media service options, please send us a message and one of our team members will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Our Team

Eric Crews

Web Design, Video, Print Media

Eric is a modern-day Jack of all trades. He enjoys designing websites, getting behind the camera for photo and video shoots and producing great written content for both print publications and website projects. When he isn’t working, he can usually be found tromping through the woods of western North Carolina with his dog Rosco, or paddling one of the many nearby streams and rivers with his wife, Ann and their son, Eston.

T.C. Webb

Video Editor | Producer

For T.C., filmmaking is a passion which began when he received his first camera at the age of seven. Since then, telling visual stories has been the driving force behind who he is as a father, husband, friend and adventurer. “The power of a good film is in its story,” T.C. likes to say. As Land of Sky Media’s video production specialist, T.C. gets to do just that as he brings his filmmaking passion to everything he does. T.C. is excited to now be living in Brevard with his wife, Leah, and their two kids.


Ryan Sigsbey

Photographer | Editor

Ryan Sigsbey is an adventure photographer and outdoor enthusiast based out of Brevard, North Carolina. When he’s not on his bike he can be found rock climbing, drinking various types of beer or hanging out with his lovely wife, Andi and their son Leif. Ryan recently completed one of his life goals, which was to ride the Tour Divide, a 2,800 mile unsupported mountain bike race from Banff, Canada to the Mexican border. These days he’s enjoying the miles of singletrack that Brevard has to offer since moving to the area in 2014.

Our Goals

Provide Timely Support

Good customer service is a high priority for us here at Land of Sky Media. We want you to be not only pleased with the final product, but happy throughout the entire process of working with us. So whether you’re learning your way around a new custom designed website, needing a last-minute change to a press release or seeking to update a video with new content, we’re always happy to help. While most of our customer support is done via email, we’re no strangers to live, in-person support and do everything we can to make sure our clients receive the quality support they deserve.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

When we got into the content creation and media production business we made a promise to to ourselves to keep evolving, to keep learning and to keep pushing the limits of what we previously only dreamed was possible. We strive to be at the fore-front of new technology, whether using quadcopters to get unique aerial view-points, capturing and pro-ducing the highest quality videos or implementing the latest in responsive website design with unique new features like parallax scrolling.  We invite our clients to join us in our adventure and help us continue to get better at what we do by sharing new ideas and goals with us.

Develop Innovative Ideas

While we bring creative ideas to the table with each of our projects, merging our client’s vision with those ideas has always been one of our top priorities. We love unique ideas and always enjoy working with our clients to help take projects from the drawing board to the big screen. We’ve found that creativity thrives when two or more people come together to share ideas. Here at Land of Sky Media, one of our goals is to provide the conduit for creative thinking that allows us to help you develop new media and content that has the power to inspire.

Communicate Effectively

When our clients talk, we listen. Having clear communication and being able to take our clients’ vision and turn that into reality is something we pride ourselves on. Whether it be working to ensure that a client’s press release portrays the message they want in the way they want it or going the extra mile to make sure our video projects meet the goals we set out to capture, our aim is to always provide our clients with the end products they envisioned when they first contacted us. At the end of every project, we want our clients to feel as though they received everything they wanted and more.

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